Insulation Power Loss Field Test System

Source: Hipotronics, Inc.
The type 2816/5284U test system is designed for on-site
The type 2816/5284U test system is designed for on-site testing of high voltage apparatus. The three-piece modular design incorporates shock-absorbing characteristics to facilitate transporting the instrument without affecting its precision. The primary application of the instrument is to perform periodic maintenance inspections to evaluate the high voltage insulation losses of apparatus. It is well suited for detailed analysis of power transformer conditions. The complete test cycle is automated to ensure reliable and repeatable test results. Additional features include:

•Digital displays
•Two measurement inputs to accommodate ANSI/IEEE (UST, GST and GSTg) testing without changing connections
•Automatic interference suppression
•Built-in printer
•RS 232 output
•200 mA, 12 kV AC power supply
•Polarity reversal switch
•Manual voltage adjustment
•Measures while the voltage is being adjusted
•Fast setup and measuring

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