Insulation Piercing Connectors

Source: Sicame Corp.
Insulation Piercing Connectors
Can be installed on energized main conductors
  • 600V rated.
  • Can be installed on energized main conductors; however, the tap must not be under load.
  • Installation at proper torque is ensured by shear head screw.
  • Seals watertight, preventing corrosion and moisture from penetrating the conductors.
  • Eliminates taping, wire stripping and adding inhibitor.
The TTD series comply with ANSI requirements and are UL listed for aluminum and copper conductors in any combination, rated for 600 Volts, and covers a range from #14 to 750MCM. Its versatility and reliability allows it to solve many problems (i.e. connecting a bare conductor to an insulated conductor for a neutral service entrance connection or to splice 2 conductors.)

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