Infrasonic Steam System Survey

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Infrasonic Steam System Survey
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Infrared thermography is a form of non-contact, non-destructive testing used to detect and document thermal patterns and associated temperatures across a given surface. Performed regularly, infrared inspections can help to identify latent equipment failures.

Our Infrasoni  Steam System Surveys are performed by Certified Thermographers using both an ultrasonic listening device and high resolution infrared imaging systems. Our thermal imaging equipment detects infrared energy emitted from an object and converts it into an image which is displayed on a monitor screen.

Because infrared energy is a direct and proportional function of temperature, the video image is designed to depict temperature levels on the monitor. This thermal image looks very similar to a black and white or a color television picture where the various shades of color represent different temperature levels throughout the chosen temperature range. In the black and white mode, darker shades of gray correspond to lower temperatures while lighter shades of gray correspond to higher temperatures. In the color mode, colors are matched to the reference bar on the monitor screen. Temperature values increase for those colors which appear closer to the top of the scale.

Our modern thermal imagers have the capability to sense object temperatures from -20° Celsius to +1500° Celsius, with sensitivity of 0.1 Celsius degrees.

When an area or component with an unusual temperature differential is located, our thermal imager is used to measure the temperature of the problem area. The thermal image may then be recorded on videotape, PC card or floppy disk.

For steam traps, an ultrasonic listening device is employed to actually listen to each trap operate. By using the information obtained from our readings, we are able to determine if the trap is operating properly and the amount of condensate load the trap is exposed to.

Once the temperature and location of the problem area have been noted, a hardcopy record of the thermal image is produced. These Thermograms, along with a standard photograph and our problem definition, provide you with the necessary information to correct a problem before it becomes serious.

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