Infrared Services

Source: DPL Energy Resources
DPL Energy provides engineers certified by the Infraspection Institute as infrared thermographers
Wouldn't it be great to have an electrical system that told you where and when there was a potential problem? Actually, yours does. It is continuously communicating when a wire is overloaded, a fuse blade contact is loose or a joint or motor is defective. Unfortunately, it communicates in a language of heat fluctuations that few people understand. It's a language in which DPL Energy's energy experts are fluent.

DPL Energy provides engineers certified by the Infraspection Institute as infrared thermographers. The Institute provides the highest quality education, certification and support services within the infrared predictive maintenance industry. Only qualified experts using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques can provide you the level of support your system deserves.

Infrared Hears Your System's Signal for Help
With advanced infrared equipment, our energy experts can determine the surface temperature of a component or multiple components in a system. The presence or absence of heat is a critical indicator of system weaknesses. These heat fluctuations are often the only clue of an impending problem.

Infrared Shines as Diagnostic Technology

  • There are several important advantages to using infrared technology to identify problem areas:
  • No equipment downtime: All testing is conducted while the electrical system is in operation.
  • No risk of harm or damage to the system: Infrared assessment of electrical systems does not require physical contact with the system.
  • Excellent tool for predicting problems: For some types of problems, infrared is the only means of predicting a problem before the actual failure.
  • Extremely accurate temperature readings: DPL Energy's experts record infrared images and data with a special camera. It provides a crisp 256X256 pixel image and temperature readings from 10 to 1500 degrees C. In fact, we can discern temperature differences as small as .01 C.

Prevent Costly System Failures and Maximize Productivity
Using infrared images and data, DPL Energy's engineers are able to perform sophisticated post-image analysis and create informative infrared Inspection Reports in PC, video or written format. These reports identify the component evaluated and its location, accompanied by a clear digital image of the component and temperature rise over ambient. The report also describes the component's repair urgency, provides a repair log and final recommendations (including maintenance/repair action & implementation timeframes).

The infrared information allows you to initiate repairs on a condition-needed basis, thereby preventing costly system failures. This approach maximizes productivity and minimizes risk by anticipating problems before they occur and implementing solutions that prevent costly shutdowns.

Periodic infrared service provides you with helpful predictive knowledge to insure your internal procedures maximize electrical system efficiency and safety. This service can also serve as a tool in the negotiation of facility insurance rates. In some cases, insurance companies offer rate savings for performing this service.

Let DPL Energy's Infrared Services Enhance Your Profitability
Avoid costly system failures. Use DPL Energy's Infrared Service to insure your system's reliability and maximize overall productivity.

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