InCharge System 3500

Source: Applied Integration Corporation
InCharge System 3500
The InCharge System 3500 is a NEMA-Enclosed remote-access digital video surveillance system
The InCharge System 3500 is a NEMA-Enclosed remote-access digital video surveillance system for installation in unattended outdoors locations. Site requirements include a power source and either a LAN, telephone line, or wireless connection to the InCharge Client Application machine. The InCharge System 3500 enables the user to remotely configure the NEMA-Enclosed InCharge 3500 Server and to change its settings as needed, without having to be physically present at the outdoor location. InCharge Systems simultaneously digitally record, transmit video, and provide full playback capability to all users. Access is restricted using five secure levels of password authorization. The System provides the user with up to 16 simultaneous on-screen camera views from up to 16 video cameras, all simultaneously recorded and transmitted by the NEMA-Enclosed InCharge 3500 Server.

This System consists of one NEMA-Enclosed InCharge 3500 Server for unattended outdoors installation, and the InCharge Client Application software. This software allows you to simultaneously record and view live video and/or play back recorded video from any camera in your CCTV system. The InCharge System 3500 locates and plays back recorded video with digital precision when you key-in the time and camera of interest. Playback functions also include fast search and playback, optional time-lapse video (both forward and backward), step-single-frame forward or backward, copy and save video segments, and print color snap shots.

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