IEEE Standards Online: All Power & Energy Standards + Drafts Subscription

Source: IEEE
This subscription includes all of the current IEEE Standards in topics such as Electric Machinery, Insulated Conductors, Power Distribution and Regulating Transformers, Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Protective Relaying, Substation Standards, Surge Protective Devices, and Switchgear


This subscription includes all of the current IEEE Standards in all of the topics listed below.

Pricing and Licensing

  1. Electric Machinery Standards Subscription
  2. Insulated Conductors Standards Subscription
  3. Power Distribution and Regulating Transformers Standards Subscription
  4. Power Generation Standards Subscription (includes Battery Standards)
  5. Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Standards Subscription
  6. Protective Relaying Standards Subscription
  7. Substation Standards Subscription
  8. Surge Protective Devices Standards Subscription
  9. Switchgear Standards Subscription

The following Power and Energy technical collections are not available as standalone subscriptions, but are included in the All-inclusive Standards Subscription and the All Power and Energy Standards Subscription.

  1. Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations Standard
  2. Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Management Standards
  3. Circuits and Systems (Archives only)
  4. Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Standards
  5. Electrical Insulation Standards
  6. Industrial and Power Systems Standards (including IEEE Color Book Series)
  7. Insulation Coordination Standards
  8. Instrumentation and Measurement
  9. Pole Line Hardware Standards
  10. Power Electronics Standards
  11. Power Systems Communications Standards
  12. Static Power Converters Standards