Human Machine Interface

Source: Square D Company, Inc.
Schneider Electric offers a wide range of HMI products to provide access and control over your operation
Schneider Electric offers a wide range of HMI products to provide access and control over your operation. From simple push button devices and operator control stations, to fully-featured industrial PCs and SCADA software, we have the solution you are looking for.
    From the simplest display panel, through dialog stations, to the most sophisticated control terminals, Schneider Electric offers a MAGELiS terminal for your automation system, with display features, such as:
    • alphanumeric LCD or fluorescent
    • size 5" or 10"
    • graphical matrix
    • monochrome or color screen
    • touch-sensitive types

    All products in the MAGELiS range share the same design concept and a universal programming software (XBT-100-U). The same development and configuration procedure is utilized by the entire product range. MAGELiS programming software optimizes application development time, thus saving costs. Application programs can be easily switched from one terminal to another.
  • TC 2000
    Introducing TC2000, a complete line of industrial PCs for your control needs. Delivering customer focused solutions right to the harsh factory floor, the TC2000 offers high-powered computing in a tough industrial package. The industrial device rating is ideal for withstanding harsh plant floor environments. The TC2000 packaged hardware/software offerings work right out of the box, providing reduced integration time of hardware and software components.
  • MonitorPro version 7
    Schneider Electric's state-of-the-art MonitorPro SCADA solution provides integration with its entire family of PLCs. Based on industry-leading technologies offered by Microsoft, OPC, COM/DCOM, and Windows DNA, the MonitorPro solution offers its users improved interoperability between systems, and lower integration and training costs.

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