High Volume Call Answering 2 - Redesigned for Rural Cooperatives & Public Power Systems

Source: Twenty First Century Communications
In its full configuration, HVCA is an excellent choice for the large utility, but it may be overly complex or cost
In its full configuration, HVCA is an excellent choice for the large utility, but it may be overly complex or cost prohibitive for the average-sized rural cooperative or public power system. However, with over 40% of the nation's power being delivered by cooperatives and public power systems, the need for HVCA, appropriate in function and price, is evident.

In response to this need, the HVCA service has been re-engineered for utilities with customer bases of 50,000 or less. Called HVCA2, this new service is specifically targeted to rural cooperatives and public power systems.

These utilities usually do not have the luxury of call centers to deal with large outage situations. However, their customers need to be able to report an outage EVERY TIME and to receive up-to-the-minute restoration information. Large or small, answering all the outage calls quickly enough is problematic. After all, a call spike of 10,000 calls to 300 CSRs has the same negative results as 100 calls to 3 CSRs

HVCA2 Solves The Problem

HVCA2 is designed to be quickly integrated into any operation at an affordable price. It allows EVERY customer to report outages, so information about the cause and location of the interruption is received quickly, which will minimize downtime and lost revenue. Since every call is answered, customers are reassured that you know they have a problem. In addition, messages about restoration efforts can be specific, include restoration time estimates and are easily updated.

HVCA2 is a standard service, requires NO CAPITAL OUTLAY and has the following features:

Customized greeting & close
Automatic Number Identification - ANI (caller ID) match
Individually recorded restoration messages
Phone number match with confirmation
Plus, additional optional features are available.

Reports are sent within minutes of the first call with summary reports at regular intervals. Clients may access the information using a secure Internet site or reports may be faxed to a designated location, or both.

HVCA2 is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and receives 24/7 support from the technical staff at Twenty First Century Communications (TFCC).

To hear first hand how HVCA2 works, call the demo line at 800-373-4634. Find out what HVCA2 will do for your business. Call TFCC today!

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