High Vacuum Oil Purifier & Transformer Dryout System Model BA-HV-Series

Source: Baron USA, Inc.
High Vacuum Oil Purifier & Transformer Dryout System Model BA-HV-Series
The following description is a brief "walk-through" of a Baron system
The following description is a brief "walk-through" of a Baron system. Insulating oil is drawn into the system through the inlet pump. The oil is pumped through the low watt density oil heater which will increase the oil temperature to the desired range for proper processing. The oil then passes through the inlet filter and enters the degasification/dehydration chamber through a modulating control valve. The control valve is automatically adjusted by the float in the vacuum chamber to maintain a constant level regardless of the selected discharge rate from the system. The oil is dispersed and exposed to the vacuum in the chamber by special inert elements and then again by an extended surface tray. This provides the oil with optimal thin film exposure to the vacuum in the chamber. The degassed and dehydrated oil is drawn from the chamber sump by the discharge pump and pumped through the final filter and totalizing meter. Gases, air, and water vapors that evolve from the oil in the degassification/dehydration chamber are removed through the vacuum booster pump and the vacuum pump. The BA-IOC System consists of an interstage condenser which intercepts the vapors, both gross water and oil removed from the transformer, and the oil being processed. This is to prevent damage to the vacuum pump caused by seal oil dilution. The door of the control cabinet will contain all controls, switches, operating lights and alarm features required to operate the unit. In addition to the normal controls required for this system, the BARON design includes, as standard, a phase reversal/low voltage protection device. This feature prevents the unit from being started in the event of misconnection of phases or failure of low voltage on any phase. All BARON's purifiers are equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a "one-button" start-stop feature. Operation of the equipment is simple through the use of a touch-screen operator interface terminal. Mounted near the central cabinet will be a gauge panel with all pressure and temperature gauges which are required for normal monitoring of the system. The control cabinet is equipped with a graphic display panel showing the process and status of the electric heaters, oil pumps, and vacuum pumps. If additional corrective action is required for the removal of trace contaminants not affected by vacuum and mechanical filtration, a Fuller's Earth Filter System can be provided through the optional Piping Manifold. The Fuller's Earth Bulk-type filters are of a novel design with a vacuum fill and bottom dumping device. The portable units can be supplied with a hydraulic system for swinging the tanks into a discharge position, before the bottom closure opens. The BA Process is fully automated and requires minimal personal supervision. Safety features include foam detection and control, loss of vacuum alarm, vacuum booster cut-in pressure at atmosphere and overload control. Oil pumps are protected with pressure relief valves. A continuous monitoring of moisture content in oil is optional. For critical applications requiring very dry oil below 5 PPM, two-stage vacuum chambers are available with an extra booster pump.

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