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AFL was the first to introduce High Fiber Count (HFC) OPT-GW and continues to lead the world with fiber counts as high as 288 fibers
AFL was the first to introduce High Fiber Count (HFC) OPT-GW and continues to lead the world with fiber counts as high as 288 fibers. Its high quality standards for design, testing and manufacturing utilize the highest-grade materials available to ensure maximum reliability and performance. By partnering with power utilities and carriers, AFL's engineers have developed unique high fiber count designs while maintaining small diameters. AFL OPT-GW is designed with a broad selection of conductivity, short circuit rating, strength, and weight ratings to meet even the strictest applications requirements. Incorporating the latest high bandwidth fiber optic technology, AFL OPT-GW is ideal for voice, data, and video communications. As the only OPT-GW manufacturer that produces its own accessory hardware, AFL is able to provide you with a total system solution with its complete turnkey packages. AFL engineers will help you determine the perfect OPT-GW cable to fit your needs. Then, AFL will design, manufacture, and install the cable and hardware for your system, enabling receipt of quality products from one supply source. OPT-GW, placed at the highest point on power utility structures, offers a secure right-of-way and an extraordinary level of reliability. Its optical performance has proven to be superior and trouble-free throughout its long life.


  • High fiber count package with reduced diameter and weight (49 to 288 fibers)
  • Laser-welded high grade stainless steel tube provides mechanical and thermal protection and hermetic seal for fibers
  • Fiber excess length controlled to provide high load and long span capability
  • Each optical fiber and tube is uniquely identified for organization at splice locations
  • Stranded wires (type & size) selected to optimize mechanical and electrical properties
  • Anti-rotational devices are not required for installation
  • 40 year projected life


  • Meets or exceeds test criteria specified in IEEE 1138 and other industry standards
  • Test data available upon request FIBER TYPE & ATTENUATION
  • Available fiber types include standard multimode, single-mode, dispersion shifted and non-zero dispersion shifted fibers
  • Typical performance of 0.40/0.30 dB/km @ 1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber
  • Tighter attenuation fibers available upon requestbers available upon request

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