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Growatt Unveils Comprehensive Solar And Energy Storage Solutions For Diverse Applications At Intersolar Europe 2024

Berlin /PRNewswire/ - Growatt, a global leader in distributed energy solutions, showcased its latest extensive offerings at Intersolar Europe 2024, held from June 19th to 21st in Munich. The company's exhibit prominently featured innovative products designed to meet the growing global demand for energy storage, alongside cutting-edge solutions for solar PV systems, EV charging, portable power stations, and smart energy management.

"With the global focus transitioning from solely solar to integrated energy storage solutions, Growatt is leading the way by providing a diverse array of products that make the integration of solar and storage both seamless and efficient for residential and commercial applications," commented Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Growatt. "Leveraging our extensive technological expertise, we have not only enhanced our existing product lines but also introduced new solutions to meet this emerging trend."

Widely adopted by European households, the Battery-Ready series inverters (MIN 2500-6000TL-XH, MOD 3-10KTL3-XH, and MID 11-30KTL3-XH) continue to be the company's flagship products. These inverters allow homeowners to initially invest in a PV-only system and later transition to energy storage as needed, enhancing flexibility and reducing initial costs. The compatible APX HV Battery provides highly efficient energy storage, utilizing soft-switching connection technology to ensure each battery is fully charged and discharged without energy mismatch.

Introducing its latest NEO 600-1000M-X Microinverter and NOAH 2000 Battery solution for balcony solar systems, Growatt offers flexible and easy solar and storage integration for residents in modern living environments. Emphasizing user-friendly installation without the need for professional installers or grid approval, users can set up the system with a plug-and-play function in just five minutes. Furthermore, incorporating LiFePO4 battery cells with over 6,000 cycles, the NOAH 2000 Battery maximizes self-consumption and achieves smarter energy management through various operational modes.

Recognizing the increasing importance of C&I energy storage in the global market, Growatt presented customized solutions for this sector. The WIT 50-100K-HU Inverter and APX Commercial Battery system offer power ratings from 28kW to 100kW and battery capacities ranging from 71kWh to 200kWh in a single system, extendable to 300kWh/600kWh in off-grid parallel operation. The inverter features up to 10 MPPTs with a DC/AC ratio of up to 2.0 and UPS-level on/off-grid switching capabilities. The APX Commercial Battery, scalable with 14kWh battery modules, maximizes energy utilization through its modular energy optimizer.

Additionally, the WIT 29.9-50K-XHU and AXE Commercial Battery solution represent the latest advancements in Growatt's C&I energy storage portfolio. The WIT 29.9-50K-XHU hybrid inverter serves as a comprehensive energy center, equipped with three battery ports and one generator port, supporting multiple applications. The AXE Commercial Battery, with a maximum 1C charge and discharge rating and a standard width 19-inch cabinet design, offers flexibility for modular integration.

As Growatt continues to empower homes, businesses, and communities worldwide with efficient and reliable solar power, the manufacturer is intensifying its focus on energy storage solutions. This strategic shift includes the development and deployment of storage inverters and battery products, leveraging its extensive R&D capabilities and industry experience. By integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Growatt aims to deliver robust and versatile energy storage systems that cater to a wide range of applications. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that its solutions not only enhance energy efficiency but also contribute to a more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure globally.

Source: Growatt

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