Ground Millhog

Source: Esco Tool
Ground Millhog
Self-contained I.D. clamping tool easily fits between small diameter water wall boiler tubes
Self-contained I.D. clamping tool easily fits between small diameter water wall boiler tubes...

Key Features

  • Push-pull clamping and release system
  • Self-centering torque-free operation
  • Permanently attached clamps and wrenches
  • Rigidly mounts to tube I.D., easy to release
  • Sealed construction allows use in any orientation
  • Produces a smooth, continuous chip
  • Compact, low-maintenance end prep tool
  • Performs any angle of bevel
  • Steel housing with integral radial-thrust ball bearing
  • Chatter-free cutter blade locking design
  • Uses TiN coated cutter blades

High Performance End-Prep Tool Features Easy Clamp and Release Operation

The Esco "Ground" MILLHOG is a right angle, I.D. clamping end prep tool for small diameter boiler tubes and pipes. Featuring a push-pull clamp and release mechanism with permanently attached clamps and wrenches, this self-centering tool performs any angle of bevel and produces a smooth continuous chip. Minimizing the possibility of loose parts falling down the tubes, this high performance tool utilizes the EscoLock wedge-style blade lock system and TiN coated blades for chatter-free beveling without cutting fluid.

Technical Overview

This pneumatically powered, torque-free, right angle end prep tool features a proprietary (patented) integral radial thrust ball bearing for superior rigidity and durability. Constructed with a steel housing, this rugged tool is capable of prepping a wide range of alloyed materials such as centrifugally cast inconel, stainless steels, and tubes with a high percentage of chrome.

Like our complete line of MILLHOG pipe milling end prep tools, the "Ground" MILLHOG produces a clean, continuous chip without cutting fluids. This innovative tool features the push-pull I.D. clamping system which makes disengaging the tool from the tube as easy as clamping it, every time. Most importantly, the clamps are designed to stay on the mandrel and not fall down the tubes.

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