GM022 Glove/Sleeve Testing Accessory

Source: The Von Corporation
The one piece slave will simultaneously test one or two lineman's gloves
CAPACITY: The one piece slave will simultaneously test one or two lineman's gloves or sleeves which connected to a high voltage D.C. supply such as the VON Model C-1. The center to center spacing is 9 inches to accommodate Class IV gloves which are tested at 70,000 volts D.C. Clothespin type holders are provided which do not pinch the gloves. The same holders are used for testing both straight and curved sleeves.

SLEEVE TESTING: The machine is capable of testing all standard sleeves using the sling method, the hammock method, and with additional accessories by the straight method using a dielectric liquid in accordance with the latest ASTM D1051 and F496 standards. The tank is 22 inches deep so that the dielectric liquid can be left in the tank when testing 18 inch gloves. The tank is 26" long so that 2 curved sleeves can be tested simultaneously by the straight method. One sleeve can be tested by the hammock method.

VOLTAGE: The input voltage is 120 volt 60 hertz A.C. single phase 10 amps for the blowers and the motor operated automatic grounding system. A shielded high voltage RG-8U lead is provided to connect to the external HV power supply. The test voltage is raised and lowered by the operator turning the variable autotransformer at the specified rate of approximately 3 kilovolt D.C. a second. Fault detection and current metering is provided by the external power supply.

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