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Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake
Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake. This product allows utility personnel to "sketch" staking sheets or work order drawings using AutoCAD and to store structure and other facility information in database files. GenStake creates primary assembly unit reports, materials lists, and transfers data to other work order accounting and inventory packages.

As each staking sheet is drawn using AutoCAD, the facilities information is stored in a work order database file. If the Utility has an AM/FM/GIS (i.e. GenMap), the work orders can be drawn to scale and correctly positioned geographically. A set of intuitive easy to use pop-down menus and dialog boxes guide the user through the placement of electrical facilities.

For example, as a pole is geographically placed (either by span distances and deflection angle, or GPS and/or Laser Range finder coordinates), intuitive dialog boxes prompt the user to enter the Utility's specifically defined data (i.e. pole height, class, grounding, guying, pole-top assembly units, etc.). The assembly unit database and parts database are usually built automatically by down loading existing data the Utility already maintains. The databases and dialog boxes are very easy to define (customize) and do not require a programmer.

Once the work order is completely drawn, GenStake can produce Job Estimate reports, Staking Sheet reports, and Parts List with descriptions. Accounting personnel can use GenStake to update their files by creating user definable export files by work order number and update the accounting system via an existing network (LAN).

Once construction is completed, any changes that might have occured to the original proposed staking design are easily updated by GenStake and posted 'As Built'. Once posting is completed, the updated work order drawing(s) and database files can be imported into the AM/FM/GIS.

Through GenStake, a utility is now able to keep the mapping, engineering, and facility records accurate and up-to-date on a daily basis. GenStake provides a user friendly link between the crews' daily activities, engineering, operations, and management.

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