FRS300 Firing Circuit

Source: Enerpro Inc.
FRS300 Firing Circuit
Enerpro, Inc., the industry leader in three-phase power control, introduces a new, economical printed circuit
NEW "Half-Controlled" Rectifier / Regulator / Snubber
Board Offers Compact, Economical Solution
for 3-Phase Power Control Applications

GOLETA, CA—March 1, 2000—Enerpro, Inc., the industry leader in three-phase power control, introduces a new, economical printed circuit assembly that combines the functions of three separate boards commonly used in a variety of three-phase power control applications. The FRS300 firing circuit, regulator and snubber assembly combines a "half-controlled" 3-thyristor / 3-diode bridge rectifier to provide voltage and current regulation as well as snubber circuits for the three thyristors. "Half-controlled" rectifiers are gaining use in certain power electronic applications in which limited even harmonics on the AC mains are acceptable. Such applications include DC bus capacitor charging in variable speed drives, low-cost battery chargers and galvanic protection of marine structures and underground pipelines.

The FRS300's thyristor firing control circuitry achieves a voltage / current regulation capability that conventional six-pulse diode bridges cannot provide. And because of simplified gate trigger and snubber circuits, the half-controlled FRS300 offers OEMs a lower-cost, more compact solution. The FRS300's proprietary CMOS circuitry also features phase reference sensing without transformers, equidistant gate delay, transformer-coupled gate drive, phase loss sensing. 50/60Hz operation and soft-start capability. The built-in regulator features voltage and current regulation with seamless transition based on the relative sizes of voltage and current error values.

Besides firing boards, regulators and other power electronics control assemblies, Enerpro also designs and builds complete customized power supply, power control and battery charger systems. Applications include diesel-electric locomotives and other electric vehicles, wind power generation, welding power, industrial rectifiers and power supplies.

Price: $194 in OEM quantities
Availability / Delivery: 10 Days ARO

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