Source: Concast, Inc.
This base is assembled from four modular pieces
This base is assembled from four modular pieces, which makes handling easier. In addition, the light, flat panels save shipping and storage space, reducing overall costs.

The Fibercrete® Modular Base is made of precisely engineered high strength, fiber and steel reinforced concrete. Low in-place cost plus concrete's proven durability add up to a truly economical installation.

The catalog number for a complete four piece Fibercrete® Modular Base is given as MGS-(L1)-(L2). For example, in the above shown Modular Base, the catalog number would be given as MGS 20-50. A complete base includes: (8) - corner clamp assemblies, (4) - hold down clamps, and (1) instruction sheet.

There are numerous Modular Base sizes available. Refer to your Concast parts list for a complete listing of the available sizes, or contact your nearest Concast manufacturers' representative. Custom size bases can be manufactured at the customer's request.

Excavate site to proper depth and size. Pre-assemble base, or assemble in place following manufacturer's instructions, and install enclosure. Backfill evenly and compact by hand or with light equipment only. Concast reserves the right to improve this product by change in design or composition, without notice, while continuing to meet performance requirements in its specifications.

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