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Concast light-weight Fibercrete Flat Pads provide for a stable and attractive pad
Concast light-weight Fibercrete Flat Pads provide for a stable and attractive pad for any utility pad mount apparatus. Fibercrete® is precisely engineered with high strength, fiber and steel reinforced concrete. Its high strength/weight ratio helps reduce handling and shipping costs.

Low in-place cost plus concrete's proven durability and pleasing appearance provide for a truly economical and attractive installation.

Strong, stiff pads that resist deformation and UV degradation are a necessity for long term safety and serviceability. Fibercrete®'s rigidity resists the "racking" and door jamming that occur if equipment enclosures do not rest on a level surface.

A pad that will not warp helps to maintain a tight seal between the pad surface and the equipment mounting flange

Advantages of Fibercrete of Fibercrete® Flat Mounting Pads
Flat and Rigid Fibercrete® Pads stay flat and rigid. They will not warp, providing a safe and secure installation.

Not UV Degradable Fibercrete® will not rust or corrode. In addition, Fibercrete® Pads have excellent freeze-thaw and chemical resistance.

Non-flammable Fibercrete® Pads will not burn, melt or deform under extreme thermal conditions.

Economical and Easy Handling Fibercrete® Pads' low cost and light weight combine to make a cost effective product. Handling can be done manually or with light line truck equipment.

Waffle Bottom Design The Fibercrete® Pads' unique waffle bottom design reduces weight, makes handling easier, and permits loose earth to fill bottom voids which level and stabilize the pad.

Rodent Proof Tough Fibercrete® is resistant to gnawing animals

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