Fibercrete® Box Pad

Source: Concast, Inc.
Fibercrete® Box Pad
Concast Fibercrete® Box Pads provide stability and additional cable training space
Concast Fibercrete® Box Pads provide stability and additional cable training space for easier cable installation. The Fibercrete® Box Pad is precisely engineered with high strength, fiber reinforced concrete. Its high strength/weight ratio yields an extra tough, lightweight unit that saves handling and shipping costs.

Low in-place cost plus concrete's proven durability add up to a truly economical installation. Handling is easy. A crew of two or three can install a Box Pad without using hoisting equipment. Shipping costs are saved by its' light weight.

Fibercrete® construction makes possible a 1/2" wall thickness with high strength, providing safe, reliable support for electrical apparatus. Integral bottom flanges support normal equipment loads without sinking. Concrete construction means long life plus fire and corrosion resistance. Inert mineral composition resists temperature extremes, rain, and UV degradation from the sun.

Fibercrete® has about three times the impact resistance of ordinary concrete. In addition, the bases are designed with smooth rounded corners. The result is superior resistance to damage or abrasion from mowers, snow plows and vandals.

Installation cost is less than site-cast concrete, conventional precast concrete, or plastic. A tamper-proof Fibercrete® cover can be installed while awaiting later equipment installation. The underground design of Fibercrete® bases provides stability not obtained with a simple pad. The earth anchoring design resists shifting or tilting. In addition, the base provides room to terminate conductors and to store extra cable. Smooth stone-like surfaces blend with natural environment.

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