EZ Angle

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EZ Angle
Utility Line Angle Measuring Device


On any overhead line where angles are turned, calculations have to be made to side guy and frame the pole properly. Since the inception of overhead lines there has been the problem of how to measure the angles on poles without the use of a heavy, time consuming, cumbersome transit. Over the years, the primary method of finding these angles has been with the use of a tape measure. Even under ideal conditions one can only achieve reasonable accuracy in determining the angle turned. And most of the time ideal conditions are not encountered. (i.e.: In the field one usually finds trees, brush, briars, slopes, fences, cars, etc.), this prevents accurate measurements. If one does get a measurement with this method, he/she must go back to the office to calculate, using trig, to arrive at the angle.

Now, with the EZ ANGLE a far more efficient and accurate way of arriving at the angle is achieved. Once one arrives at the pole, an accurate angle reading can be obtained in approximately 15 seconds. The typical accuracy of this device is plus or minus 1 degree, which is far more accurate than the current taping method used.

Unfortunately, many planners guess at angles. To protect themselves they simply over design. This means the utility is spending more money on heavier guys, anchors and framing than is required.

Most utilities now maintain a mapping database. This is constantly being updated as the "As Built" drawings are sent to mapping. If the angle is wrong on these drawings everything is mapped incorrectly from that point on. A small error results in larger errors further down the line.
All of the above pertains to the primary use of the EZ ANGLE; however, there are many other uses such as for; rough surveying, easement drawings, and underground" As Builds".

The Advantages of this instrument are:








In this age of deregulation and downsizing, utilities that are to survive will have to take advantage of anything that can help them to be more efficient and "World Class".

Every planner/designer should have one of these devices in his/her vehicle. This should be part of the equipment such as a hammer, stakes, and measuring wheels which are normally used in this type of work.

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