Energy Profit Improvement Software

Source: Circadian Information Systems
EnterpriseOne imports data from many popular building
Circadian Information Systemsne imports data from many popular building automation control systems. Because it is a Windows-based solution, it resembles many popular business software tools. It integrates with many types of companies and environments including building automation systems, Windows 95/98/NT operating systems, network environments such as Novell NetWare and Windows NT, and database systems including Microsoft-SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Informix and others.

This software can help normalize energy usage to account for weather changes by using weather data tracked by the user's building automation system. Energy consumption can be normalized to degree-days, perform building comparison analysis, and use degree-days for energy consumption projection. It also has a billing and reporting module to effectively track costs and increase profitability. Energy costs can be monitored and usage trends quickly analyzed for informed decisions. Additional features include:

•Design custom reports
•Tracks and compiles energy consumption so users can manage facilities more efficiently
•Compare energy cost by energy type, different facility type, MBTU/SF, and Cost/Sf daily, weekly or monthly
•Compare multiple energy resources and benchmark facility's total MBTU consumption per unit area
•Show consumption by location, department, company and energy type
•Evaluate how facility consumes energy and identify cost saving opportunities, monitor your energy management system, and verify equipment performance
•Identify energy cost reduction opportunities by conducting activity-based costing evaluations and fulfill ISO14000 requirements
•Create load profile analysis data suitable for third party power providers to bid on
•Generate utility invoices from local utility rate
•Verify accuracy of invoices before receiving them via mail and explore multiple utility rates to evaluate the benefits of switching
•See minute-by-minute energy profile, and total energy usage for a single meter, building or multiple locations and energy breakout analysis
•Analyze energy consumption within seconds and displays daily load profiles into a familiar calendar view
•Analyze energy cost per day by vendor to determine the best price for each energy type •View the meter cost over time plus energy cost, MBTU/SF and Cost/Sf
•Automatically locates all meters and points across network without interrupting any business operations
•Use RateEngine to compare purchasing options from multiple energy providers and quickly verify cost/benefit analyses by third party energy service companies

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