News | November 20, 2009

Emerson's Scenario Simulation Technology To Streamline Startup Of New 515-MW Paju Combined Heat & Power Plant In Korea


Emerson's high-fidelity simulation solution will integrate equipment controlled by multiple vendors

Pittsburgh, PA - Emerson Process Management announced today that it has won a contract to install its Scenario® simulation technology at the new 515-MW Paju Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant. The contract was awarded by the Korea District Heating Corp. (KDHC).

The Paju plant, which is expected to be up and running in November 2010, will supply district heating water and electricity to approximately 57,000 apartments in Paju city, Gyeonggi, located northwest of the capital city of Seoul. Using Scenario technology, operators will be able to verify the plant's control logic prior to commissioning, helping to ensure a smooth startup. District heat is playing a growing role in supporting the energy efficiency and environmental quality goals of Korea's national energy industry. Since it was established in 1985, KDHC has been utilizing this approach to promote energy conservation, reduce environmental pollution and improve living conditions for the residents of Korea.

The high fidelity simulation solution being supplied by Emerson will be configured using control logic identical to that of the Paju CHP, and therefore offer a highly realistic engineering analysis environment. Paju's simulation solution features a virtual architecture, in which the actual controllers are replaced with virtual controllers that reside on a Microsoft Windows-based PC. Despite the smaller footprint, virtual controllers provide one-to-one functionality that mirrors the controllers that comprise the plant control system. At the Paju CHP, 7,439 simulated I/O points will exist within four virtual controllers. Equipment delivery is slated for June 2010.

Scenario technology will not only simulate operation of the heat recovery steam generator and balance-of-plant processes that are controlled by Emerson's Ovation® system, but will also simulate the MHI gas and steam turbine controls as well as the GE Electrical Control & Monitoring System. According to KDHC, integration and simulation of the major equipment that utilize OEM controls was a capability that set Emerson's simulation solution apart from other suppliers.

"We were very impressed by Emerson's ability to integrate control systems from different vendors," said B.S. Yoon, manager, Korea District Heating Corp. "We are looking forward to streamlining the start up process by utilizing Emerson's simulation technology to verify the plant's control logic prior to commissioning."

Emerson has decades of real-world power industry experience designing, engineering and supporting simulation projects. Leading power producers around the world rely on Emerson's Scenario engineered simulation solutions to enhance the safety, reliability and overall operations of their plants. Utilizing tie-back logic, algorithmic models and comprehensive first-principle models, Scenario can provide a full range of training and engineering simulation solutions tailored to meet the unique operational challenges of each facility.

"At Emerson, we've seen firsthand how simulation can streamline startup and commissioning of power generating facilities," said Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. "But the benefits don't stop there. Many of our customers utilize simulation for ongoing operator training and to test logic changes prior to loading them on the actual control system so that there is no disruption of operations. We expect that once the Paju plant is up and running, our virtual Scenario simulation solution will continue to be a valuable resource to Korea District Heating Corp."

SOURCE: Emerson Process Management, Power & Water Solutions