News | August 19, 2010

Emerson Wins Contract To Automate China's New Guizhou Xingyi Power Plant With Ovation Expert Control System

Pittsburgh, PA - Emerson Process Management was awarded a contract to install its Ovation expert control system at Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the new Guizhou Xingyi Power Plant, located in Qingshuihe County in China's Guizhou Province.

This baseload plant meets two important needs. First, it will transfer electricity from western to eastern China, thereby fueling the economy in western China while providing much-needed electricity to the eastern portion of the country. Second, the Guizhou Xingyi plant will help stabilize the grid in the Guizhou Province, where there are few existing fossil-fueled power plants. The coal-fired facility, which will ultimately feature four 600-MW, supercritical units, is being built in two phases. This contract, part of phase one, calls for Emerson to automate units 1 and 2, which are scheduled to go into commercial operation in February 2011 and June 2011, respectively.

"Because of the important role the baseload plant will play in the Guizhou Province and beyond, reliability and availability are of utmost importance," said Fang Xinhua, I&C director, Guizhou Xingyi Power Plant. "We selected Emerson due to the proven performance of the Ovation system, as well as their experience automating and controlling supercritical units in China and around the world."

An Ovation system at each unit will perform data acquisition, as well as monitor and control the Beijing Babcock boiler and Harbin turbine. Unifying boiler and turbine operations in one control system provides improved unit stability, responsiveness and thermal efficiencies; tighter overall control of plant operations; and a more concise view of key plant and turbine parameters.

The Ovation systems will also manage the plant's flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system, modulating control system, sequence control system, electrical control system, furnace safety supervisory system, feed-water turbine control system, common system and balance-of-plant processes. The two Ovation systems, which will be integrated utilizing multi-networking technology, will be responsible for more than 22,400 I/O points. The contract calls for Emerson to supply a total of 42 Ovation controllers and eight workstations. Under a separate contract, Emerson will also provide its Fisher control valves for the Guizhou Xingyi plant.

"As the global leader in the automation of ultra-supercritical and supercritical power stations, we are pleased to apply our expertise and control technology to the Guizhou Xingyi Power Plant," said Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. "Plant operators at this facility can confidently rely on our Ovation system for the smooth, efficient and reliable operation of this essential power generating facility."

SOURCE: Emerson Process Management, Power & Water Solutions