News | October 1, 2010

Emerson Awarded Contract To Automate Two 1000-MW Ultra-Supercritical Units At Anhui Tongling Power Plant In Central China


Pittsburgh, PA - Emerson Process Management has been selected to install its Ovation expert control system at two new 1,000-MW, ultra-supercritical, coal-fired power generating units now under construction at the Anhui Tongling power plant in China's Anhui province. The contract for automating the new units – which are the first 1,000-MW units in this province – was awarded by China Northwest Electric Design Institute, general contractor for the project.

The control system installation is part of Anhui Tongling's Phase VI expansion project, in which older and less-efficient power generating units are being replaced by ultra-supercritical units 5 and 6. Bringing the new units online, expected to occur in February 2011 and May 2011, respectively, will help meet the growing needs of industry in the area and support local economic development.

Ultra-supercritical technologies are becoming more prevalent in China because they can boost the efficiency of coal-based electricity generation by approximately 50 percent, while maintaining superior environmental performance.

"We were impressed that Emerson's Ovation technology is already being used to automate and control processes and equipment at more than half the 1000-MW units in China, including a large number of ultra-supercritical units," said Rong Wang, I&C supervisor, Anhui Tongling Power Generation Company. "This experience and the company's ample resources in this region were key factors in our selection of Emerson for this project."

At each of the new units, the Ovation system will perform data acquisition as well as monitor and control all major plant components, including the boiler, turbine and generator, all supplied by Shanghai Electric Group. Unifying boiler and turbine operations translates into a number of significant operational benefits, including improved unit stability, responsiveness and thermal efficiencies; tighter overall control of plant operations; and a more concise view of key plant and turbine parameters.

The Ovation system will also manage each unit's modulating control system, sequence control system, electrical control system, furnace safety supervisory system, feedwater turbine control system and flue gas desulphurization (FGD) system, as well as equipment common to both units. The Ovation systems for the two units will be integrated utilizing multi-networking technology and together will manage approximately 21,600 I/O points. Emerson will supply a total of 18 workstations and 64 redundant controllers, as well as Ovation virtual controller software for a simulator that will be built to test control logic and train operators on the Ovation system.

"Emerson has the resources and experience power generators can rely on for executing large, complex power projects," said Bob Yeager, president of Emerson's Power & Water Solutions. "We are pleased to add Anhui Tongling Power Generation Company to the distinguished list of power producers that place their trust in Emerson's people and technology."

SOURCE: Emerson Process Management, Power & Water Solutions