Case Study

Case Study: EMC Helps Petroleum Refinery Take First Steps Toward A Content Management System For A Paperless Office

Source: EMC Corporation

Byco’s business processes—such as procurement, accounting, plant maintenance, and asset management functions—were automated in SAP, and a huge amount of paper documents were generated and printed through the system. This, coupled with the expansion of the existing refinery, marketing of the petroleum products, opening of retail outlet stations, and procurement of the petro-chemical plant resulted in the exponential growth in SAP and non-SAP documents.

The volume of paper documents became a challenge for the document control room to manage and maintain an efficient process to categorize, version control, and archive the documents. Consequently, resources were being wasted. Too much time and effort were being spent searching for information, and staff had to photocopy documents numerous times for reference purposes. Unnecessary duplicate paper was residing at workers’ desks and was occupying expensive office space, and the cost of paper and printing was extremely high. It is also a statutory requirement for Byco to keep company records for 10 years, and managing and maintaining paper documents for so long wasn’t practical.