DS3 High-Speed Fiber Optic Modems

Source: VERSITRON Inc.
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VERSITRON'S DS3 fiber optic interface extenders (Model F2300) provide synchronous, full duplex data transmission at 44.736 Mbps at distances up to 30 km, over multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable, with fully transparent operation.

High-speed applications for DS3 Interface Extenders include the linking of multiplexers or an ATM input link in a local area network, and the extension of a telephone DS3 point of presence within a campus. To match specific communication link distance requirements, the F2300 Group DS3 Interface Extenders incorporate interchangeable optical modules, so that multimode LED or singlemode ELED options are available.

The Model F2300 Series DS3 Interface Extenders operate at 850nm or 1300nm and are compatible with all standard single and multimode fiber optic cable sizes. The series employs the latest FPGA technology. The F2300 Modems transmit and receive data using a proprietary VERSITRON encoding scheme. The data signals are divided into 8-bit parallel streams sampled at approximately 111 MHz. The DS3 Interface Extenders provide bipolar 3-zero substitution (B3ZS) line code conversion, and transport M13 and c-bit parity framed or unframed signals. This product carries a lifetime warranty.

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Click here to download the DS3 datasheet in pdf format.