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If you lose a transformer, you lost all or part of your operations
If you lose a transformer, you lost all or part of your operations. And yet, among privately owned transformers, more than 60% of malfunctions result from poor maintenance or lack of maintenance. Considering how critical a transformer is to your business, is it really getting the care it deserves?

Think about your transformer for a moment. Is it leaking oil? Do surges exist in the switches or lines? Are there limited short circuits? Is it at risk for fire? Will we lose power unexpectedly? Is there an environmental concern?

You'll Never Have To Worry About Your Transformer Again

Our energy experts can make sure that the last thing you worry about is your transformer. We'll customize a transformer maintenance program that reduces the risk of malfunction and extends the life of this costly equipment, saving your company money.

Plus, if the unforeseen happens, our technicians can respond quickly, minimizing any interruption to your daily operations. We'll get you up and running with our state-of-the-art equipment. And, with the loan of our emergency transformers or generators, you'll have plenty of time to examine your options before making decisions about replacement or repairs.

Expertise You Can Rely On

DPL Energy Resources will use the same expertise to maintain your critical transformers as we use to maintain our own. And, we'll custom design a maintenance plan to meet your critical needs that also fits your budget. Your Customized Transformer Maintenance Services plan could include:

Initial Inspection

  • Establishment of a baseline for future electrical and oil testing
  • Insulation and windings testing
  • Ratio testing
  • Load readings and temperature monitoring
  • Bushings and insulators inspections
  • Infra-red analysis

Annual inspection

  • Complete trend analysis
  • Check oil
  • Monitor load readings and temperature
  • Inspect bushings and insulators
  • Infra-red analysis

Three-year inspection

  • Electrical and oil testing
  • Insulation and windings testing
  • Ratio testing

Ongoing Maintenance As Needed

Emergency Repair and Replacement

Portable Generator Loan Program

The Power of Convenience
Call and schedule a time that DPL Energy's energy experts can visit your facility and review your energy system. We'll help you identify which transformers are most critical and should be included in a maintenance program. We'll also determine a low monthly fee for ensuring that these critical transformers receive the specialized maintenance they require.

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