Data Links

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Data Links
These 5841 and 5842 Data Links are designed as a full
Dymec Incand 5842 Data Links are designed as a full duplex, three-channel multiplexers. One channel has bandwidth of up to 72k bps, and two have bandwidth of 2k bps. Used in point-to-point RS-232 applications, the links are designed to pass handshaking or flow control signals along with data. They do not utilize the flow signals for their operation. They are passive to all software protocols, and simply send the communications signals from one node to the other. They also feature a power-on light, a "heartbeat" LED, and six diagnostic LEDs. Additional applications include:

•Sending three RS-232 non-handshaking signals together on a single pair of fibers (provided at least two of the signals are at 1200 baud or slower)
•Interfacing RTUs to radios that require push-to-talk control
•Passing up to three contact closures

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