Data Analysis Tool

Source: Silicon Energy Corp.
Data Analysis Tool
Data Analyst can quickly generate reports to analyze energy
Data Analyst can quickly generate reports to analyze energy usage and process data using a powerful array of graphical perspectives. Charts, Data visualization, statistical analysis, and data export tools are useful to analyze the time series data collected by the software. Features include:

•Displays archived interval data over a selected report time period in a tabular grid for viewing, printing and exporting to other formats
•Identifies the minimum, maximum, and average values and the time those values occurred for one or many measured process variables
•Single digital point totals report displays the hours during a selected time span where a given system was "On" or "Off"
•Multi-Point Trend chart identifies the correlation between multiple factors affecting operational conditions and energy efficiency
•3-D Surface Plot is designed to help users spot trends and abnormalities in any measured process including energy demand and consumption
•24-Hour Line Plot displays each day included in the report time span
•XY Scatter Plot helps determine the relationship between two measured processes over a defined time span

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