News | August 13, 2014

Cyan Holdings, GridSense To Bring Smart Grid Solutions To India

U.K.-based smart grid metering firm Cyan Holdings is partnering with GridSense to introduce smart grid technology to India. Cyan Holdings said it is working with GridSense, a power monitoring solutions provider with headquarters in the U.S., to improve how Indian utilities oversee energy distribution. The partnership could help utilities detect any tampering or electricity theft between the distribution point and the meters found in households. As an automated solution, smart grid technology can immediately alert utilities to problems within the grid and protect utilities from revenue decreases. 

"The partnership with GridSense will allow us to extend this capability further into emerging markets, offering a complete solution for revenue assurance from the distribution transformer all the way down to the meter," Cyan Holdings' Executive Chairman John Cronin said in a statement. 

In June, GridSense teamed up with another smart grid products company Silver Spring Networks to enhance power monitoring for utilities. GridSense's transformer monitoring solution collects information about grid operation and assets, such as end-of-line voltage, which can be used to improve efficiency in the energy grid.

SOURCE: Cyan Holdings