Copaco Rag Paper Insulation

Source: Cottrell Paper Company
Copaco Rag Paper Insulation
Copaco electrical insulating papers are 100% rag stock

Copaco electrical insulating papers are 100% rag stock papers designed for exacting electrical uses. These papers are manufactured from high-grade "new cotton cuttings" which are highly refined to help ensure maximum chemical purity and physical strength. No sizing, clay, fillers or other chemical-additives are used. They are well suited for combination with other materials such as polyester film, varnished cambric, cellulose acetate, etc. The absence of impurities, plus the use of high grade cuttings, guarantee that Copaco's aging characteristics will meet the most exacting requirements. 7.0 PH

This paper is normally furnished with a "glazed roll" finish, which results in density and smoothness. Maximum smoothness is important for ease of insertion in slot cells and other such locations, and to provide resistance to abrasion. The papers can be furnished with a calendared finish or unfinished upon request with density ranging from .9 to 1.35. This insulation is available in continuous rolls up to 60 in. wide, sheets, or coils slit to customers' specifications. They are available in thicknesses from .003 in. to .060 in.

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