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Schneider Electric control software is designed to get not only the most out of your control system
Schneider Electric control software is designed to get not only the most out of your control system, but the most out of your engineering manpower as well as. That's because our engineering, control, and monitoring software packages offer multiple programming languages and lots of pre-configured tools and shortcuts, saving time and eliminating duplication of effort. Choose from our wide range of productivity-enhancing software to make the most of your system and your resources.
  • Concept programming software
    Ease of use is the hallmark of Concept

    Concept is a Microsoft Windows-based programming tool set that delivers a single development environment for all the programs in your control system. Using familiar, standardized editors bundled in a single application, you can create and integrate programmable logic controller programs, communications, and diagnostics with the same database. Concept software complies with the IEC 1131 international standard for programmable logic controllers, making its languages uniform and simple to use.
  • ProWORX NxT
    The future of 984 ladder logic programming

    Shorten system development and start-up time with ProWORX NxT software. Pro WORX NxT gives you the power to program all your Modicon controllers -, online or offline - manage your I/O subsystems, and analyze your plant's activity in real-time, all in a familiar Windows environment.
    The Network Scan feature searches your Modbus or Modbus Plus networks, then identifies and graphically displays each device found and shows its status.
    The Traffic Cop feature displays I/O cards on your screen the same way they look in real life, easing configuration and eliminating confusion.
  • PL7 programming software
    A simple, high-performance solution

    Intended for Modicon Micro and Premium PLC platforms, the PL7 range of software includes the full set of features needed for all phases of an automation control project. Running under Windows 95 and Windows NT4.0 operating systems, PL7 programs are easy to learn and use.
    Available November, 2000, PL7 version 4, will run under Windows 95, 98, Windows NT4.0, and Windows 2000.
  • OPC Factory Server
    The open solution

    OPC Factory Server software is designed to provide business applications with a common local or remote access to industrial plant floor data. Using the OPC open standard, software and hardware manufacturers, as well as system integrators, will spend less time on communication and database integration issues. End users can use every OPC Client application compliant with the OPC standard version 1.1.
    Via Modbus or X-WAY, OPC provides access to Modicon PLCs.

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