Compact Flourescents

Source: Star Lighting Products
Compact Flourescents
Unique design offers light output closest to an incandescent lamp
Unique design offers light output closest to an incandescent lamp

Star's ultra compact fluorescent spiral lamp has an open coiled shape allows for maximum axial and radial light distribution and less trapping and light absorption. This gives it the closest light distribution to that of a standard incandescent lamp.

The spiral fluorescent is also precision engineered using a blown-coil shape fluorescent tube coated with rare earth phosphors. The rare earth phosphor coating allow the lamp to achieve a CR1 of 85, offering excellent color rendition.

In addition to the high CR1, these lamps have an average life of 10,000 hours, and thus last at least 10 times longer than standard incandescent lamps.
The Star Spiralite even resembles an incandescent lamp

The unique size and shape of the Spiralite more closely resembles an A-line incandescent lamp than any other compact fluorescent on the market.

All wattages. including its highest wattage, are under 5-1/2 inches high.

· Its compact shape makes it ideal for a variety of applications.

· Its low heat and unique shape also make it one of the only CFL's versatile enough to be used with lamp shade adapters
An award-winning advancement in energy-efficient lighting
Star's Spiralite ultra compact fluorescent lamp provides tremendous energy savings over incandescent lamps (Up to 80%). All Spiralite lamps have an integrated electronic ballast that helps cut energy costs dramatically.

Lumens Per Watt
(100 Watt Incandescent): 16
Lumens Per Watt
(20 Watt Spiralite): 60

Why Should I Buy?
· Attractive Design
· Substantial Energy Savings
· Brilliant Light
· 10,000 Hour Lamp Life
· Allows for Versatile Applications
· Higher Output From Smaller Dimensions
· Low Operating Temperature
· Starts in Temperatures as Low as -22F
· Integrated Electronic Ballast
· Immediate Start - No Flicker
· Light Distribution Closest to an Incandescent Lamp
· Physical Size Closest to an Incandescent Lamp

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