Coil Operations

Source: Keystone Specialty Services
Coil Operations
Turbo Generator Rotor Coils
  • Edge bent or Square Corner Construction
  • Conventional, Radial or Inner-Cooled
  • New, Re-furbished or Repaired
  • Bare Copper or Fully Insulated
  • Winding Materials

Generator Stator Coils
  • VPI or Resin Rich Insulation Systems
  • Conventional, Inner or Water Cooled Coil Designs
  • New, or Re-furbished
  • Single and Multi-turn Configurations

Field Coils
  • Applications - Hydro and Large Synchronous Rotating Fields, Large Stationary DC Fields
  • Edge Bent or Layer Wound Construction
  • New, Re-manufactured or Repair
  • Coil only or Pole/Coil Assemblies
  • In-house Asbestos Abatement Program for Re-manufactured Coils

Specialty Products
  • Coils
  • Associated Electrical Components - shunts, poles, studs, jumpers, etc.
  • Insulation Products
  • Consultation Services

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