BTECH Battery Validation System BC-1

Source: BTECH, Inc.
BTECH Battery Validation System BC-1

The BTECH BC-1 Battery Validation System (BVS) is an economical installed base monitor for single battery cabinet UPS applications

The BTECH BC-1 Battery Validation System (BVS) is an economical installed base monitor for single battery cabinet UPS applications.  The BC-1 monitors between 2 and 42 lead-acid 12-volt jar/modules for internal cell impedance and connection resistance.  It also measures battery voltage, jar voltage, ambient and pilot cell temperatures.  The monitor also captures performance under discharge with battery and cell measurements; voltage data under load and optional battery discharge current measurement.

The BVS BC-1 easy installation and self initializing capability eliminates prohibitive installation costs.  The BVS features automatic test and data acquisition with user programmed test intervals.  Local and remote alarm features for out-of-limit conditions of cell voltage and impedance, system voltage, and temperature and battery discharge are also included.

Coupled with the BVM data acquisition software, the BVS measurement system can manage a thousand battery sites with automatic polling via the BVS Observer.  Data are captured, archived, reported and graphically displayed.  The equipment is designed to be predictive in nature, enabling the user to avoid serious problems and schedule timely maintenance.


  • Internal cell impedance monitoring
  • Connection resistance monitoring
  • Ambient and pilot cell(s) temperature 4 standard (6 optional)
  • Battery discharge voltage and current (optional) data logging and alarm
  • Battery and cell voltage performance during discharge
  • Discrete Alarm Functions available:  one critical alarm output, one maintenance alarm output, one auxiliary alarm input for user defined function (smoke, hydrogen, etc)
  • Automatic test and data acquisition
  • Programmable test intervals
  • Out-of-limit alarm:  cell impedance, cell voltage, battery voltage, temperature (individual and differential)
  • Internal rechargeable lead-acid battery for loss of power conditions
  • NEMA-1 style enclosure
  • Choice of communication methods:  short-haul and dial modem

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