Breaker Analyzer System TM1600/MA61

Source: Programma Electric Inc.
This breaker analyzer system measures a circuit breaker's timing cycle
This breaker analyzer system measures a circuit breaker's timing cycle. The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and voltage contacts.
Since the timing channels are not interconnected, you can take measurements of resistor contacts and series-connected breaker chambers without having to disconnect them.

A built-in program unit permits easy selection of different sequences of breaker control pulses. The delay time between pulses is set on a thumbwheel. The program unit can be used to control coil currents of up to 25 A.

The time values obtained refer to the exact instant at which voltage was applied to the coil, and a built-in printer provides you with a hardcopy printout immediately after measurement.

The TM1600 can be equipped with up to 24 time-measuring channels as required by the user. When more than 24 channels are needed, one or several Slave Units can be connected together to provide an unlimited number of measurement channels. Modular design also makes it easy to combine the system with the MA61 Motion Analyzer.

The MA61 Motion Analyzer is an excellent supplement to the TM1600. It combines the easy readability of an oscillograph with the extra accuracy ensured by computerized measurement and computer-processed readings. Menu-driven button selection via the built-in display makes operation simple and easy.

The MA61 can be equipped with up to 6 analog channels, and it can be easily adapted to the different measurement requirements for high-voltage circuit breaker testing. It can measure and calculate contact paths and the speeds at which breaker contacts operate as well as the current in operating coils. It can also measure dynamic resistance (DRM), voltage, pressure and a number of other entities.

After measurement, the MA61 performs the necessary calculations and prints results in both diagram and table form on a connected printer (letter-size A4 paper) or via the TM1600's high-speed built-in printer. Moreover, parts of curves can be easily enlarged for closer study.

The MA61 incorporates a battery-backed memory that can store up to ten measurements for subsequent processing.

The TM1600 also supports communication with personal computers and the CABA Win Breaker Analysis Software. The analyzer can be used for testing breakers taken out of service or for on-line testing. Fully equipped, it weighs only 12 kg (27.4 lbs).

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