Branch Circuit Monitor

Source: MGE UPS Systems Inc.
This monitor is designed as a solution in improving the reliability of power to critical computing,
This monitor is designed as a solution in improving the reliability of power to critical computing, instrumentation, building and factory automation systems. Overloading power circuits is a prime concern as new computing equipment, control systems and instrumentation devices are rapidly added within a facility, often without checking the capacity of a specific current. This new monitor automatically checks the current on all 42-branch circuits of a panel board, instantly sounding alarms if any circuit exceeds its user defined current limit ­ preventing costly mistakes from overloading circuits.

Seamlessley integrated next to the raceway of MGE's power management module panel boards, the unit automatically monitors the current on all 42-branch circuits - providing real-time current information and immediate alarm notification as the current approaches the circuit breakers' "trip point." The monitor also provides exact current consumption details on every circuit, saving hours of manual measurements. By receiving early notification of high current conditions, facility managers can perform preventative maintenance to avoid unnecessary and costly power drops.

The monitor also features an infrared communication port to wirelessly download the current levels and alarm status of all branch circuits to a Palm Pilot, saving man-hours per year in manual measurements. The data can then be uploaded to spreadsheets for billing purposes and/or analysis. When a branch circuit reaches a specific user defined current, the monitoring system generates a warning alarm on both the local display and communications output. A second alarm activates at a higher current level to indicate that the breaker is approaching its tripping capacity. All alarms identify the specific circuit with the alarm condition. In addition, users can program the alarm thresholds of breakers individually. Alarms are preset for 35A (warning alarm) and 40 A (critical alarm).

The unit provides centralized monitoring on a ModBus serial network for easy integration with virtually any building management system such as Metasys or Data Trax. Up to 2,646 circuits are monitored over one two-wire RS-485 ModBus network. Optional Power Logic software from Square D facilitates easy centralized monitoring with Internet access and features a user-friendly graphical interface. An optional local display indicates the currents of all circuits and identifies circuits that exceed their user defined current limits.

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