News | February 18, 2014

ATC Plans To Rebuild Kenosha Power Transmission Line

American Transmission Co. recently filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to rebuild a 12.5 mile, 138,000-volt electric transmission line in western Kenosha County.

The proposed Paris-Albers Rebuild Project will run from the Paris Substation in Paris, Wis., to the Albers substation in Kenosha

The project will involve stringing new wires and replacing aging wood transmission poles with new wood and steel poles. No new right-of-way is needed and the new poles will be placed within a few feet of the existing poles.

“The project is estimated to cost $12.2 million and is needed to help ensure safe and reliable transmission operations in the future and adequate clearances to the ground,” said Mary Carpenter, senior local relations representative for ATC.

If the project is approved by the PSC, construction will begin in late 2014 to meet an in-service date of early 2015.

SOURCE: American Transmission Co.