News | June 9, 2014

Apex CoVantage Expands Smart Grid Services To India

Key smart grid demonstration projects, field force automation, and improvement of system reliability address the top priorities for utilities

Herndon, VA /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ - Apex CoVantage, a global provider of Smart Grid technology and services, is extending its outreach to India through the deployment of Advanced Meter Reading (AMR/AMI) pilots with utilities. With more than seven million meters being installed worldwide, Apex CoVantage is an industry leader that has helped establish best practices for the reliability of AMI deployments in emerging markets.

Currently, India faces a number of issues with its meter reading services, including power theft, meter tampering, inaccurate data reporting, and difficulty verifying that reported readings matched to the appropriate user. Apex CoVantage will address these issues through the implementation of AMR/AMI technology using its ProField® deployment software to ensure seamless, cost-effective and efficient installations. Apex CoVantage will oversee these deployments from start to finish with its workforce optimization methodology while adhering to utility timelines and budgets.

"We are eager to assist the Indian utilities in their initiatives to improve service reliability and enhance existing infrastructure," saidSangeet Dutta, Vice President of Global Operations at Apex CoVantage. "Our team is dedicated to improving the country's operational efficiency and the use of ProField will certainly accelerate this effort."

Targeting India's evolving utility workforce and addressing the country's known issues with power system reliability, Apex CoVantage will collaborate with hardware manufacturers and local energy companies to provide improved meter-reading services and lay the foundation for additional smart grid services in the future.

About Apex Smart Grid Solutions
Apex's Smart Grid Solutions division works with utilities and AMI companies around the world. Service offerings, including Meter Reading, Meter Replacement and Network Equipment Installation, are powered by ProField® - the industry's only integrated ERP system for mobile workforce management.

Source: Apex CoVantage

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