News | July 12, 2017

Aii Calls For Innovation In Electric Grid Infrastructure

Washington /PRNewswire/ - American infrastructure is an ever-evolving industry, requiring pioneers to embrace new technology to bolster existing sectors, and usher in improvements needed across the country. The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure laud and encourage the electric energy industry, to embrace new technology as the smart grid continues to progress.

Aii is proud to release its latest policy analysis, "Building a Smarter Electric Grid: How Investing in Smarter Electricity Infrastructure Will Energize America." The paper identifies priorities for future investment to help companies and governments smooth the transition to a more digitized grid and safely and efficiently integrate DER, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other advanced energy technologies such as smart hardware, software, and analytic capabilities.

The grid itself is the backbone and platform that can facilitate the coordinated adoption of these emerging technologies and processes to achieve a cleaner, more modern, efficient, reliable and secure power system. However, to accomplish this transition, grid infrastructure needs to be properly modernized to safely and efficiently facilitate the flow and storage of the energy and information that makes the smart grid possible.

This costly and complex challenge will require both Utilities and State and Federal Regulators to work together, with investments and improvements to protect reliable energy and a strong economy.

Aii Chairman, Brigham McCown stated, "At a time when cybersecurity is of utmost importance, shoring-up the grid is critical for the security of all Americans."

The paper can be downloaded here:

The Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii) consists of two non-profit organizations, The National Infrastructure Safety Foundation (NISF) a 501(c)(4), and the Public Institute for Facility Safety (PIFS) a 501(c)(3). The Foundation and the Institute focus on non-partisan policy issues and are governed by separate volunteer boards working in conjunction with the Alliance's own volunteer Advisory Council.

SOURCE: Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure

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