White Paper

White Paper: Adding Intelligence To Your Aging Order Entry System To Maximize Profits

Source: Quest Solution

For years the hand held industry has been a vital link in getting remote orders from the field to a corporate facility. It has been proven time and time again that the payback of "Just in Time" inventory produces cost savings by receiving an order within days rather than weeks.

Today this process is the industry standard and millions of orders are received daily. Though there has been great cost savings, there is room for improvement. How can a company get better orders eliminating the "lost items" of an order? Contributing to these "lost items" is the rapid changing of products in the catalog, which items are carried by what vendor, and the antiquated means utilized to verify the bar codes. Legacy handhelds use check digits and length checks to try to insure the item is entered correctly. This can't, however, insure that the item ordered is a current product, or that it is carried in inventory. Low storage capability and the slow processing power of older acoustic hand held units are the limitations of the older technology. The constant increase in the number of new products and resulting new bar codes has also contributed to the problem.