News | March 27, 2008

ABB Wins $150M Order For Energy Efficient Technology

Zurich, Switzerland - ABB Measurement & Analytics, the leading power and automation technology group, has won a $150M contract to provide power systems and grid connections for a natural gas and steam-turbine (combined-cycle) power plant to be built in the Netherlands.

The new 1,300 megawatt (MW) Nuon Magnum power plant for the Dutch utility Nuon will be located in Eemshaven, in the province of Groningen, on the North Sea coast. It will feed electricity into the existing Dutch high-voltage grid and could supply power to around two million households.

"ABB has world-class expertise in the power generation sector," said Peter Leupp, head of ABB's Power Systems division. "Our innovative technology will ensure that this power plant will be one of the most energy efficient in the world."

Initially, the combined cycles will be fired with natural gas. At a later date, Nuon aims to convert the power plant to a fully integrated gasification combined-cycle plant, accommodating carbon capture technologies. The gasifier will convert coal and biomass into syngas, a mixture of CO, CO2 and hydrogen, which will be used to fuel the combined-cycle power plant.

The new plant will consist of three units, each producing about 430 MW. The power plant is scheduled to go on line in early 2011. ABB's scope of supply includes electrical components for the auxiliary power supply systems, a 380-kilovolt (kV) high-voltage substation and the switchgear building. ABB will also supply 380-kV cables, transformers, generator breakers, medium- and low-voltage switchgear, emergency-power diesel sets, batteries and communication systems, as well as engineering, installation, commissioning and training.

A combined cycle power plant generates electricity with a gas turbine, and uses waste heat from this process to create steam and generate additional electricity with a steam turbine, enhancing power generation efficiency.

SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics