A Complete Solution in Electric Work Order Automation

Source: Gentry Systems, Inc.
The Utility Design System from Gentry Systems has completely changed the way you will look at electric design automation
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The Utility Design System from Gentry Systems has completely changed the way you will look at electric design automation. UDS is a complete design and cost estimating software package. UDS is capable of handling all forms of residential, commercial and industrial developments as well as maintenance and rebuilds.

UDS is the right design tool to provide everything you need to complete your work order package. Your final design is clean, neat, accurate and accomplished with a 20% to 50% time savings over manual design and drafting.

Increased Benefits
Experience the power and increased productivity of intelligent automation. UDS not only allows for significant gains in productivity but decreases the material requirements for a project because of the accurate and consistent engineering calculations performed.

 Complete Electric Design Engineering
 Electric System Modeling
 Detailed Cost Estimates
 Summary and Location Material Ordering
 Detailed AutoCAD Work Order Sketches
 Seamless Applications Interface
 Voltage Drop Calculations
 Automatic Pulling Tension
 Automatic Guying
 Automatic Sag Calculations
 Wind and Ice Loading
 Clearance Checking
 Configured by the Individual Utility
Electric layout, engineering, material ordering, cost estimating and modeling are automated to assist you with the generation of complete and accurate construction work orders.

Open Architecture
You define the way UDS is configured. You can define your material rules, material editing screens, material selection slides, symbols, screen menus, help displays, report formats, etc. You can import land base drawings from other systems. Data is easily transferred to other software applications via the files you created with UDS in formats that you specify.

UDS Configuration
You control all variables concerning the Utility Design System from your electric design standards to your drafting symbols. UDS controls the interaction between your configuration and AutoCAD.

On-Screen Support
UDS maintains complete on-screen support for all aspects of the system. The user controls and edits the individual files including configuration, UDS Help and a complete help file for the individual utility's design and construction standards. This on-screen help includes both text and graphics.

Network Support
UDS has complete file locking and time management functions for network applications. Drawings are normally located on your file server while all editing and automatic back-ups are located on the individual user work station.

Automated Material
Electric material lists are automatically assembled on a "by location" or a project summary for the entire system. The decisions for material ordering are based on "Logic Files" that you establish according to your own electric design standards.

Special Material
UDS enables you to order special material not covered by the automatic process. Selection can be made either from an automated catalog or visually from slides that you prepare, enabling you to "pick" material from a screen picture.

Drawing Manager
The UDS Drawing Manager centralizes access to all design projects, to all UDS software, to AutoCAD and to any other software you have on your system or network.

The Utility Design System operates in conjunction with AutoCAD Release 12 and 13. AutoCAD is the standard of the CAD industry making UDS 100% compatible with all of the peripherals and data exchange formats supported by the AutoCAD graphics engineer. Written entirely in C and compiled in the AutoCAD Development System (ADS), UDS requires no other software to operate.

Automatic Engineering
UDS sizes all wires and transformers based for voltage drop and flicker analysis. You are able to quickly perform underground pulling tension calculations for any combination of wire and conduit. Overhead engineering functions include sag, clearance, wind loading, ice loading and guying calculations. UDS then automatically sizes poles, crossarms and associated material based on the results of these calculations.

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