8831 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators

Source: Rycom Instruments, Inc.
8831 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
Made in the USA, the 8831 is accurate, rugged, portable and dependable
Made in the USA, the 8831 is accurate, rugged, portable and dependable. It is designed to last through years of tough field use.
The 8831 transmits at a powerful 3 watts by using the low frequency of 815Hz. The high output signal at a low frequency maximizes tracing distance and minimizes signal radiation and coupling in crowed areas.
A pioneer in low frequency locators, RYCOM has long believed that the most accurate combination for locating is a low frequency signal and direct hook-up of the transmitter to the metallic conductor. Because the low frequency electromagnetic field is virtually confined to the conductor, the risk of interference is greatly reduced. Under ideal conditions, the 8831 is capable of tracing up to 25 miles. With a larger tracing distance, you save time and costs associated with locating due to a reduction of transmitter maneuvering.
In one quick step, the transmitter power is matched to the resistance of the cable or pipe being traced. The easy-to-read meter displays a correct signal match.
RYCOM's 8831 won't leave the user stranded in the field with dead batteries. A 12-volt, 6.5-amp hour lead acid rechargeable battery allows you to locate over 11 continuous hours on a single charge. A discharged battery will recharge over a maximum of 24 hours, but usually less.
The 8831 is available with choice of either a Rechargeable Battery Pack or a Lantern Battery Pack. Both battery packs can be used interchangeably.
The 37" Full Snooper Probe (Receiver Probe) looks like a walking stick and is just as comfortable. No squatting or "duck walking" is required to heighten sensitivity and accuracy. The highly sensitive receiver probe converts the electromagnetic signal into audio and visual outputs on the receiver. Fast and precise depth measurements are achieved by using the triangulation method with the receiver probe.
By combining the powerful 3 watt transmitter with the 8831's highly sensitive receiver, the maximum signal distance can be achieved.
By passing the Receiver Probe over the underground conductor, the Probe translates the electromagnetic currents in two ways, clearly audible peak and null tones, and easy-to-read meter indications. Close-up meter readings and fingertip signal gain adjustments are made easy by a comfortable nylon neck strap on the receiver.
The AM/FM/OFF switch determines how the audio will be heard. The AM loud-to-soft or FM rise-and-fall changes in pitch through the speaker, or the OFF setting eliminates sound entirely. When the 8831 is used with the headset, the surrounding traffic and noise interfence is blocked out.
The Selectable Signal Tone switch locates an energized power cable by flipping the switch to the 50-60Hz position. When using the 50-60Hz position, no transmitter hook-up is required.
When using the Receiver Probe to locate the path, irregular signal level areas will be revealed. On an undamaged sheath, signal levels become weaker as the user moves farther from the transmitter. On a damaged sheath, however, soil currents are concentrated and will fan out in all directions.
When attaching the optional Ground Return Probe accessory to the receiver, the 8831 is converted into a fault locator.
For convenient storage, a compartment within the transmitter case carries your receiver, headset, cords, ground rod and optional Flexicoupler. A carrying case is available for both the folding Ground Return Probe and 37" Receiver Probe.

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