News | January 6, 2005

100Base-T Network Protection

Electronic Specialists network and data line protection systems now include protection for the widely used 100Base-T network equipment. Longer network cable runs, in particular, are experiencing spike and surge damage.

As 100Base-T equipment is installed in larger systems, 100Base-T and 10Base-T branches are likely to co-exist. This totally new protective system design will accommodate both 100Base-T and 10Base-T protocols.

Intended for suppression of electrical or lightning induced spikes/surges often found on longer network lines, the 100Base-T protection system employs the latest high speed, high current suppression techniques.

Isolated ground suppression is employed to shield equipment from damage caused by massive lightning discharge currents flowing between local and remote grounds and equipment.

RFI / EMI Suppression techniques have also been developed for systems suffering from performance degradation due to man made or spheric RF induced interference.

Available in single line and multiple line configurations, the 100Base-T protective system is available from stock out to 2 weeks.

Source: Electronic Specialists, Inc