News | December 18, 2013

Integrys Energy Group, Inc. : Fox Energy Center Has Been Chosen As Preferred Site For Possible Wisconsin Public Service Electric Generating Unit

Fox Energy Center has been Chosen as Preferred Site for Possible Wisconsin Public Service Electric Generating Unit

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS), a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, Inc., has chosen the Fox Energy Center near Wrightstown, WI as the preferred site for an approximately 500-megawatt natural gas combined cycle generating unit, if building a generating unit is the best overall option for meeting future customer needs.

Previously, WPS announced that it forecasts a need for additional energy and capacity beginning in 2019. Its options to meet that need include buying the power from another supplier or adding another generating unit. Since the lead time to build a unit is several years, WPS must make the decision by the middle of 2014.

Fox Energy Center was selected as the preferred site on the basis of feasibility studies by the MidContinent Independent System Operator, which manages the electric grid in this region, proximity to natural gas pipelines, as well as other factors.

"Choosing the Fox site was driven by economic considerations," said Paul Spicer WPS Vice President - Energy Supply. "It is close to natural gas and water, has good access to the electric transmission system, and is already home to a similarly designed natural gas fired plant enabling us to achieve economies of scale."

While WPS has selected the Fox Energy Center site as its preferred site, it will also solicit "Requests for Proposal" from other companies that would be interested in meeting the long term electric capacity and energy needs. WPS is planning to begin that process in the second quarter of 2014.

After the bids have been reviewed, WPS will make the decision whether to buy or to build based on customers' best interests, following which it will make a filing with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The timeline for filing with the PSCW is late fall 2014.

SOURCE: Integrys Energy Group, Inc.