News | March 10, 2020

Valmont Utility Acquires Kansas City Utility Packaging To Provide Comprehensive Substation Solutions


Valmont® Utility, a business segment of Valmont® Industries, Inc., has acquired a majority stake in Kansas City Utility Packaging (KCUP). The company, now called Valmont Substations LLC, will continue operating in the Kansas City area with its current leadership and staff leveraging existing offerings, creating synergies with new substation solutions.

“This acquisition allows us to combine Kansas City Utility’s substation engineering, design and packaging services with the steel structural design and deliverables of Valmont Utility,” says Chris Colwell, Valmont Utility Group President. “Our goal is to unify the service and product offerings creating a substation center of excellence.”

“The acquisition of KCUP allows us to strengthen our supply chain and broaden our scope in the services and products we provide to the industry,” says Shannon Eggert, Valmont Utility Vice President and General Manager.

The new offerings through Valmont Substations LLC will expand project management and substation design to current Valmont Utility customers while KCUP’s customers will have access to new solutions from Valmont Utility including Controlled Environment Construction and Pre-Fabricated Bus.

“Our customers will now have access to structural engineers, substation designers and civil engineers,” says Eggert. “We can better bridge the gap between our traditional and newer offerings like renewable energy, delivering a comprehensive package to the utility market.”

About Valmont Utility
Valmont Utility is a global leader developing structures that enable electric power to be transferred from the generation source – power generation facility or renewable source such as a solar and wind production – to the end power consumer. As an industry-leading provider of transmission and distribution poles, transmission towers, substation components and renewable energy generation equipment, and a global manufacturing network, Valmont Utility excels in supply chain logistics in service, performance and delivery. For more information, visit

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