News | June 26, 2024

Trina Storage Launches Industry's Only Fully Wrapped Cell-To-AC Energy Storage Solution In North America

Remont, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) - Trina Storage Solutions US, a leading global energy storage solution provider, has announced the North American release of its Elementa 2 Elevate solution, a 10MWh cell-to-AC advanced energy storage solution designed to support grid stability and renewable energy integration. Elementa 2 Elevate is uniquely enabling the energy transition in North America as Trina Storage is the only provider to manufacture its own cell, providing full visibility, transparency and control over its supply chain, thus minimizing risk. This is key to the success of deploying grid-scale energy storage in the highly dynamic North American market. With nearly three decades of industry expertise and a robust localized infrastructure in the United States through its Trina Solar division, the collective Trina North America team supports customers in achieving their energy investment goals while futureproofing their investments.

Elementa 2 Elevate utilizes a “smart liquid cooling system,” an IP67 pack design, and C5 anti-corrosion coating to enhance power density, safety, and energy efficiency while reducing the Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS). Trina’s fully wrapped storage solution is vertically integrated within a closed and wholly owned supply chain environment aligned with North American market requirements. The Trina team brings to bear localized infrastructure which supports battery cell R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery - minimizing risks and resulting in a 100% bankable offering that combines premium hardware, advanced software, and reliable services to meet diverse market needs.

“Trina’s Elementa 2 Elevate represents an optimal balance between capacity and cost, leveraging our vertical integration capability to drive the clean energy transition through grid-scale storage solutions,” said Terry Chen, Vice President of Trina Solar US. “Trina Storage handles everything from developing core cell technology to providing a fully wrapped and integrated solution to our customers ensuring they meet their energy storage goals.”

Trina Storage leverages local expertise through a dedicated North American energy storage team, committed to excellence in sales, service, and support. “The Trina Storage team offers tier 1 technologies and customized solutions, underscoring our commitment to customers,” said Doug Alderton, Head of Sales & Marketing, Trina Storage Solutions US. “Our customer-centric approach ensures we address unique challenges and align solutions with their goals. Trina Storage excels in project management and seamless execution, navigating complex regulations and minimizing risk.”

“The Elementa 2 Elevate is a competitive offering in the storage marketplace due to its fully wrapped solution approach. Trina Storage delivers unmatched cost advantages while setting a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in energy storage solutions,” said Steven Zhu, president of Trina Solar US. “To support customers, Trina is focused on our commitment to investing in local talent, expanding our North American solar-plus-storage solutions operations, and delivering products that represent the rich history of pioneering clean energy innovation that only Trina can deliver.”

The Elementa 2 Elevate solution is available for delivery starting August 1, 2024.

About Trina Storage Solutions US
Trina Storage Solutions US, a business unit of Trina Solar US established in 2015, is a global leader in energy storage products and solutions, dedicated to transforming the way we provide energy. Our mission is to lead the renewable energy transition through cost-competitive storage and to provide solar for everyone by expanding solar generation at scale. Leveraging nearly three decades of expertise in solar manufacturing, we offer cost-effective and flexible storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global customers. Follow our global LinkedIn channel at Trina Storage.

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