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04/23/12 -- Smart Grid Market Will Attain A Value of $33.91B In 2012

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Smart Grid Market Will Attain A Value of $33.91B In 2012
FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities File Application To Extend Successful Electric Security Plan
SMUD's Smart Grid Development
Storage Systems Enhances Electric Grid Reliability, Supports Expanded Renewable Energy Usage
Energy Security Pros Believe Smart Meters Vulnerable To False Data
ATC Receives Approval To Build Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center Transmission Line
Online DGA Monitor Provides Early Warning Diagnostics To Prevent Transformer Failures
LIPA Deploying 2,000 Smart Meters To Homes And Businesses
Atlantic Municipal Utilities Selects Tantalus For AMI Deployment
Sharp And Enel Green Power Begin Operation Of Solar Power Plants At Five Sites In Italy
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Electric Metering Transponders: Aclara TWACS® Technology UMT-R
The TWACS UMT-R from Aclara for solid state, residential meters provides remote, two-way access to usage and voltage data and ensures recent meter data is available to the utility.
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SpecSizer: Generator Set Sizing Software
Caterpillar Inc. introduces the Electric Power SpecSizer tool for generator set sizing and specifying. Considering factors such as site conditions, load characteristics and required performance, SpecSizer provides accurate and timely technical data, robust load models and optimized algorithms

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SpecSizer: Generator Set Sizing Software