Sigma Shield Wander Control System

Source: V-PRO Electronics Corporation
Sigma Shield Wander control systems are used for egress control in assisted living facilities...
Sigma Shield Wander control systems are used for egress control in assisted living facilities. The system consists of a Main Unit, a Central Notification unit (optional)and RF Tags. Main Units are used to control each door at the facility. Main units monitor presence of an RF Tag using wireless technology. The RF tag is worn by patients at the facility. If the RF tag appears near the Main unit, the Main units arms the door and activates audio alarm if the person exits the facility without proper permission. Central Notification Unit (CNU) acts as a monitor that displays current status of all Main Units. CNU is placed at some central location, for example a nurse station, from which status of ALL doors is AUTOMATICALLY monitored. When an alarm condition occurs at any of the doors, the door name and type of the alarm are displayed on Main Unit LCD screen as well as on CNU's LCD screen and an alarm horn turns on. The Main Units connect to the CNU through RS-485 standard interface.

RS-232 interface in CNU allows to download/upload information to/from a PC. An expansion port allows connecting Auxiliary Central Notification Unit, which provides input from 8 more doors. A printer interface allows keeping hard copy of the alarm events.

Another part of the Sigma Shield Wander control system is Portable Unit. Portable unit can test an RF tag health, upload patients list to Main Unit using wireless link (no physical connection to the Main Unit is required). Also the Portable Unit can download a patients list from a PC using RS-232 interface.

If access/egress control is required without RF Tags, another component available is Sigma Stop Unit. This device is a scaled down version of the Main Unit. It does not have wireless capabilities, however, it retains most of the features of the Main unit including RS-485 interface.

Number of accessories is available such as horns, power supplies, antennas, PIRs and locks.

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