Newsletter | February 1, 2005

2.1.2005 -- PUC Acts To Ensure Reliable Electricity Supply For Summer Months
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PUC Acts To Ensure Reliable Electricity Supply For Summer Months
MGE Introduces Commercial Surge Suppression Products To Complement UPS Product Line
New Ergonomic Neck Support Aids In Reducing Neck Strain
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Dow Corning's range of electrical impregnating varnishes and silicone resin provides high thermal stability combined with excellent electrical resistance for use in motor stator coils, transformer windings, wire wound resistors, solenoids, generator coils...

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CableCURE® Process And Technology
The CableCURE process is simple and elegant ... as all great ideas are. The simplicity of the process is the source for its cost-effectiveness. You can learn more about the CableCURE process on this page, but first let's look at why underground cable needs CableCURE technology...

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Case Study: Distribution Asset Optimization
Like many electric utilities across the country, Xcel Energy faces a confluence of new challenges that are taxing its distribution system. Hot summers, the retrofitting of older homes with new central heating/air conditions systems, the proliferation of in-home computer technology and the addition of new subdivisions have combined to challenge reliability in certain areas of Xcel's distribution system...
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